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The passing of Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, has left the whole world feeling his loss. Kind words of respect and admiration for Jobs, who lost his long battle with pancreatic cancer, poured through social media sites overnight. Several celebrities took to twitter to remember the innovator who changed the way we use computers and listen to music. Here are just a few of the touching sentiments including 30 Rock star, Alec Baldwin comparing Jobs to great inventors such as Ford and Edison. 


Two and a Half Men star, Ashton Kutcher tweeted this quote: "Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected." - #SteveJobs”

Glee star, Darren Criss tweeted: “Thank you, Mr. Jobs, for making our world INFINITELY cooler.”

Lee Unkrich, who directed Toy Story 3 and has worked on almost all of the Pixar films, simply tweeted: “Steve Jobs was an amazing human being, and I will miss him dearly.” 

Actress, Alyssa Milano tweeted: “Rest in peace, Steve Jobs. You were always a big part of my world with your special inventions. Thank you for your brain.”

Actor, Kevin Spacey tweeted: “The world lost a true visionary today. Think different.”

Kim Kardashian tweeted: “Wow Steve Jobs died! He was a brilliant man!”

How I Met Your Mother star, Neil Patrick Harris wrote, “Rest in peace, Steve Jobs. Your genius will live on for generations to come...”

Microsoft founder, Bill Gates said: "For those of us lucky enough to get to work with Steve, it’s been an insanely great honor. I will miss Steve immensely.” 

Actor, Alec Baldwin tweeted: “Sad about Steve Jobs. On par with Henry Ford, Carnegie and Edison.”

Vampire Diaries star, Ian Somerhalder said: “My heart and gratitude go out,like so many of us,to Steve Jobs and his family.You Sir are one of the greatest minds the world will ever see.”

E! Host, Catt Sadler wrote, "Gone too soon. RIP to the incomparable Steve Jobs."

"Thank you Steve Jobs without your vision it's hard to imagine where we would be today. You'll forever be in our offices and hearts." The Fashion Wrap Up team 


Christy Pastore @christypastore 

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