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10 Questions with Jewelry Designer Kara Ackerman

'All my collections are very personalized; they are designed specifically with their namesake's personality and style in mind.'

What do celebrities like Sofia Vergara, Emma Roberts and Vanessa Hudgens all have in common?  The answer is they all adore Kara Ackerman Designs! Kara Ackerman attained a degree in gemology and has studied the art and design of jewelry for several years. Influenced by her mom's classic style, her own personal passion and love of jewelry she has made a name for herself and shining design career!

Several celebrities have graced the red carpet with her one of a kind and artistic jewelry designs that include platinum, sterling silver and vermeil. Kara's custom pieces, ranging from her cuffs, rings and necklaces, have been featured in several fashion and celebrity publications including Glamour, InStyle and People. The jewelry designer has three collections Kara Ackerman, GemGirls and KSA-Designs for Men all featuring pieces inspired and influenced by her daily life and family experiences.


Tell us a little bit about the current collection you are creating.  

I have started a boutique line called “Lilly&Me” which encompasses ready-to-wear jewelry for all ages in a lower price point. It's mostly made in vermeil and sterling silver.

  How did you know jewelry was your passion? 

It was very obvious to me. There is a picture of me from when I was 3 receiving my first piece of jewelry: a gold heart locket I still have and cherish. I was always fascinated by how Jewelry was made and how it could accessorize clothing or just be a stand alone piece based on it’s own aesthetic qualities.

Describe the first piece of jewelry you bought.

I was 16, my mom and I went to a local thrift store and I found a 14k white gold, 5.00ct emerald cut, sapphire and diamond art deco ring. I paid $350 for it and I still have it. I have used it as inspiration for my Lauren Cocktail Ring Collection

Where do you draw inspiration for a piece or collection?  

The simplest inspiration comes from my day to day life and my travel experiences. All my collections are very personalized; they are designed specifically with their namesake's personality and style in mind. My mother Judie and sister Brooke were the ones who encouraged me to follow my dreams and passion for being an entrepreneur through my talent as a jewelry designer. 

Describe the first piece of jewelry you designed?   

It was a Kunizite pear shaped, hanging pendant necklace with a diamond rondell chain.

Who was your first celebrity client and what piece did they wear?

Olivia Wilde wearing my Fan Earrings in yellow gold and white Topaz .

Describe what was it like seeing your jewelry creations on the red carpet for the first time.

Once I got over the excitement, sheer validation as a designer

What are your favorite gemstones?

Tourmalines because of the variety of colors and cuts. Plus, I love the folklore and healing properties.

How much jewelry (number of necklaces, cuffs, rings etc) do you wear on any given day?

At least three necklaces, layered rings on a minimum of four fingers, and both arms are properly filled with bracelets.

From my head to my toes, I’m always decked in K.A, except on the beach. I wear my evil eye friendship bracelets in different colors and my wedding band.

Whose jewelry style do you most admire and why?

I loved Elizabeth Taylor’s Jewelry Collection because it was so vast from her ping pong ring to the Krupp diamond. As far as style goes, my own!


~By Christy Pastore 

photo credit: Kara Ackerman

Taylor on the Auction Block

The wares of Elizabeth Taylor will go up on the auction block at Christie's in December.

Taylor's collection of fashion and jewelry is known throughout the world. It will go on display starting December 3rd with a 10-day exhibition at Rockefeller Center in Manhattan.

The sale will begin December 13th and last for several days. On-line auctions will be available as well.

The 79-year-old passed away earlier this year from congestive heart failure.

If you want to catch a glimpse of what is for sale, a three-month worldwide tour will kick off in September.

A portion of the proceeds from the auction will go to the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

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