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An Open Letter to Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson

It seems that everyone has an opinion about the upcoming film Fifty Shades of Grey starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. There has been so much buzz and hype surrounding the sexually explicit books over the last few years, and now readers and fans are turning their opinionated discussions towards the provocative film adaptation. "Who should play the characters and why," is the biggest topic of concern for Fifty Shades fans. The haters and internet trolls seem to pile on the discussions offering their thoughts on how unhealthy and abusive the relationship between naive Ana and controlling Christian is and how it's being glamorized. Others offer up another topic on how terribly written they believe the books to be. People forget that these books were written as fan fiction to the Twilight series, so ultimately I guess Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella (Kristen Stewart) are the inspiration for the characters of Christian and Ana.


I had thought I personally wouldn't ever read something as sexually graphic as these novels. However, I was eventually talked into it, and what I found surprised me. Author E. L. James had created characters that I developed a love-hate relationship with, and the story itself was interesting, with plot twists and nail-biting emotional drama. Would I call myself a Fifity Shades of Grey fan? Yes. I did enjoy the books, reading all three novels. I am not a reader of books, I'm just not. Fifty Shades of Grey was the first book I had picked up in years. The last book I read was on vacation in 2008. I am getting back into reading again, though. I've read thirteen books in the last two years, and that, for me, is a lot. Admittedly I had trouble getting through the third book in the series because by then I was over it (the sex). Okay I get it you guys have a lot of sex. I was kind of bored and had to force myself to power through to the end, and just like I was told, it was worth it. It wasn't the steamy erotic sex that drew me to the books, that was an eye-opening learning experience (I had to look of the definitions of some words - yup I'll admit it), rather it was the emotional desire and passion these two characters felt for one another and how they dealt with these feelings in their reality and dream-like worlds. Christian and Ana are characters with tortured, naive, lost, beautiful, damaged, loving and stubborn souls, and they worked together in such a way that was, for lack of a better word, believable. 

We all know someone who has been in a dramatic relationship with all the sorrow, betrayal, sexual heat and madness. Seriously, sometimes I thought my college and twenty-something friends were constantly starring in a real life soap operas, myself included having my heart ripped into a thousand pieces and feeling the gut-wrenching pain of loving someone to the point it physically hurt. Relationships are hell, and love can be beautiful one day and ugly the next. So this is my open letter to Jamie and Dakota, because I know they will read it, right?

Dear Jamie and Dakota,

Firstly, congrats on the roles you've been selected to play for this mad, dramatic, erotic movie. It seems you both have your work cut out for you by taking on these challenging characters. After you read this letter, I need to you both to step away from the internet for a while. Don't read anything regarding the film, and don't even think about doing a Google search for your names. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but, you're both currently being cyber-bullied. It's not anything against either of you personally, it's that some of these crazy ass fans and non fans (internet trolls) cannot seem to separate you from the characters you're going to portray. These women and some men, have pictured their ideal Christian and Ana for months and years, electing who they will masturbate to while in the shower or which Hollywood hottie they will envision in their minds while f*^@ing their partners and spouses. These books have made some people completely insane. They've gone as far as making fake movie trailers with their selected actors, fake movie posters and have devoted countless blogs and Pinterest boards to show their love and fevered compulsions for these characters. It's more than just a simple, "I think this person would make a fantastic Christian or Ana and here's why" -- it goes much deeper, almost to a level of bizarre obsession. Do not let that scare you, or let it - and be aware of these things during the promo tour. My advice hire an extra bodyguard or two, because you'll probably need it.


I loved, loved, loved you as the Sheriff in Once Upon A Time. I was so sad when your character died. I'm going to be honest, you weren't who I pictured for the role of Christian. I personally envisioned Christian Bale, for obvious reasons -- it was a Patrick Bateman meets Bruce Wayne thing for me (I mean have you seen the way he wears a suit?). Then I realized Bale was way older than Mr. Grey and turned my sights towards Colin Egglesfield. It was his mysterious eyes and stellar physique. With that being said, it really is all about personal preference from a fans point of view. Suddenly, we the readers have become movie directors, casting agents and studio executives who've all been in the business for years and know what we're doing when it comes to talent {insert sarcasm here}. People are pissed that Matt Bomer isn't playing the role. These relentless haters will continue to protest from behind the safety of the computer screens and mobile phones calling for your resignation, saying things about how you are ugly and you will ruin your career. I am telling you do not listen. I mean why would you anyway? I know you have better things to do with your time, but, if you do, just know that for every hater there are way more non-haters. I've read your interview with EW and I think you will be a fantastic Christian Grey. Practice saying "Laters Baby" in your sexiest voice, and you'll have most of the women in the world swooning by that phrase alone.


I've seen you in 21 Jump Street, The Social Network (fantastic dialog with Justin Timberlake by the way), and I know you were the bright spot in the show Ben & Kate (although I didn't watch it I heard much buzz about your performances). Bringing us back to your role as Anastasia Steele, you will be fine. Also, do not pay attention to those who say you landed the part because your parents are famous, that is absolute stupidity. People (women mostly) are going to hate you, the Ana you, that is -- own it. Whether the haters will admit it or not, they have pictured themselves as Ana Steele hoping that they can live out their sexual fantasy of being the one who saves and holds the attention of the rich, handsome, brooding, damaged Fifty - and oh yeah, have "mind-blowing sex" with the man. Not gonna happen. So your job now is to live out every woman's desire and make them believe it. You've got this. 

In a few months the film's teaser trailer will debut and you will win over a majority of the haters. People will have a visual of your on-screen chemistry and be pleasantly surprised. Not everyone will be moved to change their minds, but you cannot please everyone, right? I look forward to your performances and seeing you on the big screen. Until then our twitchy palms have been stowed. Best of luck to both of you and have fun.

Sincerely, Christy Pastore

~Christy Pastore @christypastore

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Fabulous Things Friday~ Lights, Camera, Fashion Edition

This past week was probably one of the busiest of the year for fashion lovers. There were so many events happening, it was hard to keep them straight! New York Fashion week was in full swing, then pile on the BAFTA's and the Grammy Awards. Speaking of the Grammy's, how gorgeous did Rihanna look in that stunning Alaia dress? Now that NYFW is over, we head across the pond to London for London Fashion Week, and soon the Oscars will be here. My weekend will be spent watching and reviewing the looks from the runways of London. What are your weekend plans?




Hope you all have a great Friday, now get the wrap up on a few fabulous things from this week...

In case you missed it, a fab Guest Post by Devon Dean about Celebrity Gossip and Kate Spade's Fall 2013 collection is style perfect for The Carrie Diaries.

~Christy Pastore @christypastore

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Lea Michele + Candies Holiday Shopping Spree Event

Glee star, Lea Michele went on a holiday shopping spree with five young patients from the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles thanks to Kohl's and Candies.

The 26-year-old and current face of Candies said “It’s really awesome. Candie’s is such an amazing company, and I’m excited to be here honoring them, meet these girls and spend some time with them,”

Lea looked lovely in a black long-sleeved mini dress featuring a belted waist accessorized with Dana Rebecca Designs, Sylvie Rose Bar ring and Melinda Maria's gold Hammered Band ring.

Candies generously gave each of the girls $500 to shop for items on their holiday wish lists. Lea offered sage fashion advice and helped each of the young women select items to buy.





~Christy Pastore @christypastore

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First Look: Barbie Creates Elizabeth Taylor Doll

Timeless style icon, Elizabeth Taylor has received the Barbie treatment. The doll is fittingly named, White Diamonds after her signature fragrance. Along with her beautiful violet eyes and classic black bob, Taylor is represented in a  lovely retro-glamorous white dress adorned with a red ribbon, representing her devotion to HIV/AIDS charity work. She is styled with a pair of white slingback heels and ladylike gloves.

In addition, the doll comes with statement gold gems, a second pair of white heels, a pair of white sunglasses, a movie script and a mini bottle of her famous White Diamonds fragrance.

The Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Barbie is available for purchase on barbiecollector.com for $150.00.

~Christy Pastore @christypastore

More Pregnancy Rumors for Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

More pregnancy rumors are circulating (as they always do) that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant.  The difference this time, is that a very good friend of the couple, Jessica Hay (former roommate of the couple and royal wedding attendee) has stated that the Royals will have "wonderful, happy news" to share in December. It is reported that Hay told Aussie Tabloid, New Look that William and Kate are focused on started a family.

What do you think of this latest rumor?

~Christy Pastore @christypastore

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This Week's Top 5 Fashion News Stories ~ July 23rd 2012

Get the wrap up on the hottest stories in the fashion industry from this past week.

~Christy Pastore @christypastore

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Kate Beckinsale Covers Glamour UK's August 2012 Issue

Kate Beckinsale is Glamour UK's August 2012 cover girl. Inside, the Total Recall star talks about having another baby, the pressure the media places on celebrity mom's and their bodies, beauty and growing older.

Kate on having another baby: "There's absolutely part of me that goes, 'I'd love to have a baby in the relationship I'm in, and have that experience when the relationship's really good and exclusive,' but I'm just not sure. At some point the decision will be made for me, when my ovaries dry up and die. We'll see. There's nothing that makes me go, 'And now I must have triplets!'"

Kate on beauty: "I feel like beauty is a gift that you have for a while, and you enjoy the hell out of it while you have it. And if you’re lucky enough to have a daughter and you give it to her, you enjoy the fact she has it. My mother was always very, very beautiful – she still is, in her sixties. I’m sure she feels, 'Wouldn’t it be nice if my neck did this?' but not to the degree of cutting parts of herself odd and dragging them behind her ears. I feel very similar. I much prefer how my mother looks to the people I see here [in Los Angeles] with wind-tunnel face,"

Kate on the pressure that the media places on celebrity mom's to regain their figures: "There’s an obsessional hatred of normal human processes. Pregnancy changes and woman’s body and should. It isn’t normal to not look like you’ve had a baby immediately after you’ve had a baby. I was gigantic after I had Lily – I put on a good 3 ½ stone, and it didn’t go ‘til I stopped breast feeding… I was lucky that Britain wasn’t so paparazzi-orientated [then]. I was allowed to get on with it and enjoy my baby – and figure out what being a mother was all about instead of worrying about [fitting into] my f**king jeans..."

~Christy Pastore @christypastore

Ashley Greene Covers Cosmopolitan's August 2012 Issue

Ashley Greene is featured on the cover of Cosmopolitan's August 2012 issue wearing a floral print, Minkpink bustier and light pink Rich & Skinny jeans. Inside, the Twilight star talks about her career, avoiding the Hollywood scene and all the craziness, but also marriage and love.

Ashley on her career: "I'm looking for things that are going to push boundaries. I want to work with directors I know get great performances and actors who force me to up my game," she says. "Hopefully, I'll be able to find that."

Ashley on getting married: “I’m not one of those girls who sits at home thinking, 'By 25, I have to be married.' Right now, I’m like I’m 25, I need to book my next movie! My parents have such a beautiful marriage. I’m not someone who takes it lightly. So I’m not going to get married until I know I’ll be with someone forever.”

Ashley on whether she has a type: "It's about chemistry and a connection. I've changed so much over the past 10 years. What I wanted when I was 16, I didn't want when I was 20, and that's changed to something else now that I'm 25. Having a type is not for me."

Ashley on the crazy Hollywood scene: "In this industry, it's easy to get sidetracked by the glitz. But there are certain precautions you can take. Look, if you go out to a club, you're going to be written about."

You can read more with Ashley at Cosmopolitan.com

~Christy Pastore @christypastore

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