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In between running errands, racing, hanging with pals at Coachella, and sailing around Staniel Cay, Bryant Wood took time out of his busy schedule to chat with me. If this California native's name strikes a familiar chord with you it could be that you've probably seen him somewhere, like the cover of a book or perhaps on television strutting his stuff on America's Next Top Model.

Fun Fact: Bryant is a Triplet.

Bryant's breakthrough into the modeling industry was working with famed photographer Michael Stokes.

The twenty-two year-old actor is currently staring as Austin in the comedy TV show, This Just In on the POP channel. Things are very exciting for Bryant right now. Aside from working on multiple projects, This Just In is up for an Emmy in the category for Best Children's Series. The thirty minute program follows a group of eclectic teens who find a unique bond with one another centered around the high school's media channels.

Check out a special episode of This Just In here.

(Bryant is the one with the long hair)

Fun Fact: Bryant earned a wrestling scholarship to Grand Canyon University.

Want to know more about our Man of Style? Check out our interview with Bryant below.


FWU: What’s your ‘go-to’ outfit/look?

Bryant: I have a go-to for each mood, honestly. I’ve been trying to mix it up a little, but I always have favorites to go back to for the days I wake up feeling great and for the days where I need a little encouragement.

FWU: Favorite thing about working on This Just In?

Bryant: The variety. I love my castmates, and we are really close, which is awesome, but I really think variety is key to keeping everything fresh. We get to go on so many adventures, and it's something new every day. I’ve learned so much from being a part of it.

FWU: When you want to relax, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Bryant: Painting. I unwind best either with artistic expression or by doing something that will inspire me, like reading. So I would have to say either a good book or a blank canvas.

FWU: If you could go anywhere in the world, where and why?

Bryant: I’d go back to India. I had such an eye opening experience there, and I’d love to go back and explore that part of the world. There are so many things there that I feel like I haven’t done.

FWU: What’s your favorite childhood memory? 

Bryant: I live an incredibly fast paced life right now, so I think my favorite memories all have to do with family dinners, with my brothers and my sister, and mom’s cooking, simple stuff like that.

FWU: What’s at the top of your bucket list?

Bryant: I want to have a family. That’s a huge thing for me, and the realization that I wanted that at all is relatively new for me, but it’s something I really want.

FWU: And finally, Bryant, summer is almost here. What is your idea of the perfect romantic summer date?

Bryant: I like dates that surprise me. Like, running errands with a girl is such a good way to get to know her, and it can be so much fun. You learn so much more from her by participating in her life than you do by taking her out to a restaurant and putting so much pressure on her to look nice and be perfect.

Thank you! Best wishes and lots of luck to you and your castmates this Sunday at the Daytime Emmys, Bryant!

Bryant's Favorite Things

Favorite drink: Martini. Dry.

Movie: Silence Of The Lambs

Singer/Band: My sister and I love Twenty-One Pilots.

Restaurant: Anything Korean BBQ 

Sport to watch: Hockey

Sport to play: Wrestling

Celebrity Crush: Lily Collins 

Clothing Accessory: Jewelry. I love my rings and wristwear.

Book: Anything by Hunter S. Thompson


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Tune into the Daytime Emmy's this Sunday, April 30th, 2017 8 P.M. EDT/5 P.M. PDT. The braodcast will be live streamed on both Facebook and Twitter. #DaytimeEmmys

~Christy Pastore @christypastore 

Images provided by: Ashley Erin and Bryant Wood

What I've Been Up To~ A Letter From Me to You

Hello Fashion Lovers~

I wanted to take a moment and send you a personal letter. You've probably noticed the lack to posting here on Fashion Wrap Up over the past few months. My life has taken quite a few twists and turns over the last year. While fashion is a huge interest in my life, there are many other things I am passionate about. Obviously, writing and being creative is one such passion. I've been lucky to work with so many wonderful people on this incredible journey that has been part of my life for all these years. I just wanted to say Thank You to those special individuals {and you know who you are} for everything. Your constant support and positive encouragement has truly has been a blessing.

Which brings me to my letter....Drum roll....I am very pleased to say that I've been given a book deal! For as long as I can remember it's been a dream of mine to be a published author.

The book is called Fifteen Weekends, and thanks to the lovely team at Pen Name Publishing my dream will come true on May 26th when the book will be released. Even more exciting is that I pitched another book called Unscripted, and that will be released sometime this Fall! Both books are contemporary romances filled with suspense, drama and steamy love scenes. While I cannot get into all the details of Unscripted quite yet, I can share with you some intimate details about Fifteen Weekends.

Fifteen Weekends is an emotional story that follows three very different women -- Ashleigh, Emily and Amanda -- and how their individual worlds change forever in the short period of one summer. You can read more here. The entire synopsis will be revealed in the coming weeks.

I'm not going to stop blogging and writing for Fashion Wrap Up. I need to have an outlet to discuss red carpet fashions and celebrity style!

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Here is an exclusive excerpt from my upcoming release, Fifteen Weekends. This is what happened when Ashleigh saw Liam for the first time.If you'd like to read the scene in its entirety click here

Fifteen Weekends coming soon -- May 26th, 2014.

~Christy Pastore @christypastore

Image Source: Christy Pastore Author

Dakota Johnson Covers ELLE Magazine March 2014 Issue as Ana Steele

Dakota Johnson strips down for the March 2014 issue of ELLE magazine channeling her alter-ego Anastasia Steele. The sexy twenty-four year-old actress gives us a glimpse as to why she is going to rock the role of leading lady in the highly anticipated film Fifty Shades of Grey. Pictures don't lie and neither does that smoldering gaze or the romantic innocence captured in her expression.

The debates still continue online over casting. Can we move on, please? Can we just accept the fact that the movie is nearly completed and give these actors a chance? I know a lot of people are on the fence about Dakota Johnson being cast as Ana Steele, but I am not and I've been on board with her from day one.I still don't understand why so many people say she is "too old" to play the virginal college student who eventually tames the hot as hell, kinky, tormented Billionaire Christian Grey.

Anyway, I guess haters are gonna hate, so let them have their opinions (even if they are wrong).

Moving on... Besides the obvious instant chemistry she has with co-star, Jamie Dornan (oh yes, you can see it from the behind the scene photos, trust me) it all leads back to that scene with Justin Timberlake in The Social Network. The banter displayed between them in that scene alone tells me how Dakota will approach the famous "interview scene" where she meets Mr. Grey for the very first time. I know you noticed it too, and if you didn't watch it again--think about it.

Johnson is featured on the cover posed innocently on her knees, next to a bed of course, wearing a short-sleeve John Galliano mod-inspired dress paired with sexy black Donna Karan sheer thigh-highs and red Manolo Blanik sandals. Her accompanying editorial features her in more seductive poses wearing pieces from Jason Wu, Missoni, Prabal Gurung and, of course, Christian Louboutin.

My favorite picture is of her sweetly pulling up her lace stalkings wearing a beautiful embellished Burberry Prorsum lace trench coat. Just stunning.

Not only that, but I read a few excerpts from her interview and I really like her. She's ballsy and confident--I like that about her. For instance:

Dakota on why she's right for the role of Anastasia Steele:  “I don’t have any problem doing anything. The secret is I have no shame.”

We all know that Dakota is a go-getter. She lobbied for the role of Ana Steele from the start, admitting she was intrigued by the character and loved the story. Direct from the mouth's of babes:

Dakota on what interested her most in the movie:  “Reading the book, I found myself more interested in the ways they were breaking each other down emotionally than the sex scenes. I think there’s a part of a woman that wants to be the thing that breaks a man down.”

Here's to hoping this editorial calms the storm conjured by the internet trolls and reassures all Fifty Shades fans that Ms. Johnson is/was the only choice for Ana Steele. I know I'll be picking up a copy of the issue when it hits newsstands on February 18th. Will you?

~Christy Pastore @christypastore

Image Source: ELLE

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