NY Fashion Week Review: Betsey Johnson

The theme of the new Betsey Johnson show was “He Loves Me Less” and was opened with a real Hollywood-type girl with black and blonde hair waltzing in beautifully printed leggings, bright red lipstick, and an explosion of flowers on the right shoulder of her jacket.

The look following immediately after I must quickly mention. It seems that denim jackets are slowly making a strange comeback on the trend scene as of late and the second look of the show was right on with this concept. What made me fall in love with this particular one was the faded black color and the asymmetry of the lapels. I know a few Betsey fiends who would punch, slash, and murder for one of those.

The black and red section of the show continued for about ten looks in varying typical Betsey styles when things were changed up a tad and new prints were introduced. There were warped and skewed florals and different colors of leopard. Don’t forget the plaid too! Simplly put, the clothes are just fun.

Like in most Betsey Johnson shows, the theme is rather general so it’s easy to get lost on where the direction of the clothes are going. Especially when referring to a show of this caliber, with 92 looks total, there’s a whole lot of show and a whole lot of ideas. One thing I especially enjoy about Betsey Johnson, for whatever reason, is the fact that some of the looks and clothes are so unique and out there I can’t make up my mind whether I’m in love or entirely repulsed by certain things. I venture into Betsey Johnson stores quite frequently and always notice the undeniable charm all of her garments have on the rack. The clothes are practically begging to be purchased. I’m not sure about how I feel about the clothes on her models though. It definitely keeps viewers on edge nonetheless.

The show took an abrupt turn from more high-end to more low-end somewhere between start and finish as the rather normal looking girls, each in a wild blonde wig, hit the runway in street clothes. In essence, they were all Betsey clones. Definitely a whole lot of fun, like in look 55 where a woman comes out in a skull and crossbones look (things I could see thousands of young, rebellious, teenage girls craving).

From a showman’s standpoint, I was saddened that the obnoxious wigs took so much attention away from the clothes. In most cases these women just looked awkward in the outfits. The proportions of the women were just strange and didn‘t display the fashion well at all. The funny thing is, even in her age, Betsey herself (at right), looked so much more attractive and fashionable than half of the girls before her.

Ultimately, it was a fun Betsey Johnson show. It’s what is expected from her, just a whole lot of fun, fresh, funky clothing! Let us know what you think and be sure to follow us on Twitter!

~Keith Christopher @_KChristopher_

Photos via Style.com

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