Colored Shoe Bride?

Colored shoes are all the rage right now. Just that simple pop of colored shoes against a wedding dress is so remarkable. But honestly, this trend is something that is fairly new. Traditionally, brides wore white shoes for the same reason that they wore white dresses: as a sign of purity. But just as times have changed in terms of having to wear a white dress, they have also changed in terms of having to wear white shoes.

It’s even a great way to personalize your wedding, as you can include a favorite sports team’s color — or maybe you and your fiancée met around a certain holiday and you want to incorporate those colors. The possibilities are endless.


Happy Planning,

Shafonne Myers is a certified wedding and event planner and owns Making Your Event Special, a wedding, event and baby planning firm in Carmel, Indiana. She has just become the only company in Indiana to offer Baby Planning. Visit Making Your Event Special for more details about how a Baby Planner can help you.

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