XOXOh that Motherchucker!

by Devon Scott

"Why do you wear so much purple?" ~ Chuck Bass "Gossip Girl"

If the saying, "Clothes make the man" is true, then Chuck Bass is exhibit A.


From the inception of the wildly-popular teen drama, Bass began as a mussed-up pretty boy with an unending sexual appetite, little moral fiber, and an arrogance unmatched by any of his fellow GG cast mates.

Since then, Chuck (played by Brit Ed Westwick - yes, he's hiding the accent) has moved from underachieving player to power-player in the New York real estate business.





Chuck is always in suits, such as the Armani Collezioni Giorgio Model suit ($1895). Bass' personal shopper (we assume the character has one) pairs the darker colors with pastels. With a black suit, it would not be uncommon for Chuck to sport a blue or even a honeysuckle shirt.

Additionally, Charles Bartholomew Bass has been known to step outside of the "suit" box in terms of color choice.







Bass has sported a white suit with black piping (the Vitamin Water "White Party" to kick off Season 2), plenty of purple, blue crushed velvet (sexy and not in an "Austin Powers" way), and charcoal/black combos similar to this McQ two-toned blazer ($650).








The character also may single-handedly be responsible for the return of the bow-tie to chic style for men. Bass switches between a standard tie (Armani Collezioni $145) and the bow (Billy Reid $66.50). Bow ties are not just for Illinois senators or your grandfather anymore!








His swagger, charisma, and hubris all aid in his personal style (something I think men could use a bit more of these days). Remember, just because you put the suit on doesn't mean you know how to wear it!


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