Bloggers Herald a New Era in Fashion

by Erin Berry

Fashion bloggers have reached a new status in the industry. Bloggers have taken over the front row, where editors and high profile celebrities also sit. Tavi Gevinson, of style rookie, and BryanBoy, of the blog with the same name, are examples of the lucky bloggers who experience fashion up close and personal. But, fashion editors have their qualms about the dawning age of bloggers. Joe Zee from Elle and Franca Sozzani of Vogue Italia, believe fashion bloggers to be a waste of space. Both Zee and Sozzani complain that bloggers don’t have the knowledge and proper background to critique fashion shows — and Sozzani even likens fashion bloggers to a disease, specifically a viral cold.


It is quite true that many fashion blogs simply jumble together, as seeing outfit after outfit after outfit and perusing “what I did today” entries can befuddle the reader. It does get tiring, and leaves people thinking, “Another daily outfit blog? How are you any different?” Of course, there are many fashion bloggers who have impeccable style, but the bloggers who do possess this sense of panache end up looking the same. Despite a slight inherent vanity in blogs like these, fashion blogs create a community of inspiration, encouraging and influencing other bloggers to impassioned writing and posting pictures of what they love. In this sense, blogging is a beautiful cycle of inspiration and self-expression.


Because of bloggers’ new status in the fashion industry, anyone can be known online in the fashion community with websites like,, and On Chictopia's home page, their motto appears to be "the largest fashion community that gives everyone a voice in fashion." Now anyone can "have a voice in fashion" and become an internet/blogger sensation. In fact, New York Magazine’s fashion blog, The Cut, just reported that Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast is now recognized in many countries. When asked how to become a famous blogger, Neely aptly advised to do something different than what other bloggers are doing and to just stay true to yourself.

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