The Interview: Fashion Model and Actress Marissa Hopson

FWU:  Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Marissa:  My name is Marissa Leeann Hopson. I've actually been a dancer/singer my whole entire life and I've literally fell in modeling, hosting, and acting. It's crazy how the entertainment business can be. You strive to do one thing, and you end up doing something totally different. Never saw myself as a model but it's been a blast.

FWU:  You are Pantene's First Reality Hair Star Congratulations!  What was the competition like?

Marissa:  Aww thanks. OMG, fierce!  So many girls with amazing hair and I never thought I had it in the bag. It was one of the most intense auditions/call back I've ever been to. It started off as a casting video, then the top 12 girls has to audition and be interview in New York which was a blast, but very nerve-racking. When you're surrounded by so many beautiful girls with amazing hair, you can't help but think, "I might not get this." Happy Pantene chose me, such an honor to represent a brand I love so much!


FWU: How did you find out that you won?

Marissa:  Stacy London told me! She's a brand ambassador, and she literally came to my house and told me on live TV. It was insane, but so much fun!

FWU: What are you responsibilities for being the Pantene Reality Star?

Marissa:  Represent the brand to the fullest! I've had to attend events, photo-shoots, filming's. It's been a blast. It doesn't even feel like work when you love a brand so much. I've used Pantene since I was a child! Honest!

FWU: How has celebrity changed your life?

Marissa:  My life hasn't changed too much, I'm still me and I thank God every day for all the blessings he's given me this year. I mean people notice me, and I get to attend a lot of really cool events but I'm just thankful overall. I have met a lot of really interesting people in the business, and I'm just looking forward to the next phase of my career. I consider everything a stepping stone and don't take anything for granted.

FWU:  What are your favorite Pantene Products?

Marissa:  Definitely the Medium-Thick collection, it works perfectly with my hair. I use it every day. I'm addicted to the Straighten and Smooth creme. I do live in FL, and it makes my hair frizz free! The Anti-Humidity hair spray is also heaven in a can. Pretty much makes your frizz disappear. I also love the Beautiful Lengths collection. My cousin did pass away from Breast Cancer, and to see a brand take a stand and help those with the disease is amazing.

FWU:  How do you spend your free time?

Marissa:  Ha! I'm boring, I'm such a homebody. I love movies and take out. Getting dressed up to go to dinner is also fun too. I'm not the type to party or go clubbing. Not my style, I'm pretty low key. I love sports! I can sit there and watch sports forever!

FWU:  Who has inspired you throughout your life?

Marissa:  Audrey Hepburn! She personifies the definition of beauty inside and out for me. She was such a beautiful person who also has this amazing, and astonishing career. It's always nice to see good people make it especially in the entertainment industry. You always see beautiful people that have ugly souls, but a beautiful person with a beautiful soul is rare. That was Audrey Hepburn.

FWU: Who are your style icons?

Marissa:  I consider my fashion style Classy, Sexy. I love getting dressed up from head to toe. So I really love the style of Audrey Hepburn, and Jackie O. I also love the whole edgy look too, Fergie rocks it so well.

FWU: Do you have any favorite fashion designers?

Marissa:  Yes but I love different fashion designers for different things. For clothes, I think Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen kill it. They are just on a whole different league than anyone else when it comes to clothes. For shoes, I'm in love with Christian Louboutin. Those red soles mixed with a gorgeous heel scream beautiful. Lastly, for purses I have to go with Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton is classic, but oh so timeless.

FWU:  What is the one piece of advice you can give to an aspiring Actress or Model?

Marissa:  Never give up! For every person that wants to help you or support you, there is one right behind them that wants to take you down. Have an inner circle, and consider everyone else an acquaintance. Work hard, be kind/positive and God will lead you in the right direction.

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