XOX-OH MY: The Style of Gossip Girl

Style Subject ~ Blair Waldorf

by Devon Scott

Yours is not to wonder why. Yours is to do or die. Now go! - Blair Waldorf "Easy J"

When asked to write about the style that literally oozes from my favorite hour of television, "Gossip Girl," I thought it would be too difficult to simply devote one column to so many characters (and so many unbelievable outfits).

Instead, I thought I'd focus on a different character each month. For starters, my personal favorite: the blunt, social-climbing, scheming, romantic-at-heart Blair Waldorf. The former "Queen B" of Constance Billiard, Blair spent a rough freshman year struggling at NYU. She then got accepted and transferred to her heart's desire: Columbia.

Blair's wardrobe has evolved over the years, moving from sophisticated and school-girlish to sexy-chic, but still with an air of class. More recently, Blair (played by Leighton Meester) has sported a wider range of colors and prints. The heir to the Eleanor Waldorf fashion empire/love of Chuck Bass' life often will have a pop of color in the form of a top or a handbag.


One of Blair's trademarks is her having items long before they ever hit the shelves of Bergdorf's or Bendel's. To that end, I spotted this Burberry washed check trench coat, not even available yet, and my mind went straight to the rainy fall days on the Columbia campus.

($1395 - www.Burberry.com)

Another item that is a must-have for the social climber inside you is the Chloe "Marcie" medium leather top-handle bag. This beautiful red bag is currently on pre-order. But, of course, Blair bought it four weeks ago!

($1795 - www.SaksFifthAvenue.com)

Of course, Blair's signature accessory is a headband. It was her trademark in high school. While she could be seen sporting a bow or wide band, her tastes these days lean more toward more narrow, more understated hair accessories. To me, nothing is more iconic than the aforementioned Burberry checked pattern.

($70 - www.Nordstrom.com)

For those rigorous poli sci classes as you head toward being the first female President of the United States (or the CEO of Chanel - same difference), nothing says sophistication like the Caroline Herrera "Prince of Wales" plaid dress. It's the perfect mix of classic style with a tapered skirt to show off those well-tanned legs from many weekends in East Hampton.

($2890 - www.bergdorfgoodman.com)

(***Editor's note: it is never a good idea to mix plaid patterns or overdo it - matching your trench and headband is one thing. Wearing matching plaid outfits to class is quite another.***)

One of Blair's strongest personality traits is being able to think on her feet. Those feet have worn every classic, well-known, lusted for shoe designer in the world, from Prada to Proenza Schouler. Nothing is more classic than these Christian Louboutin "Rolando" point-toe pumps with the signature red leather sole. It's always good to add a couple inches to your height when you're devising a take-down or strutting past Bloomingdales.

 ($695 - www.SaksFifthAvenue.com)

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